#52essays lit a fire under my proverbial B

2017 ended a week ago. We are a week into 2018. I have been avoiding writing like the plague. I have not blogged in months, and every time I contemplated it or even showed up to the page, I found lots of excuses and reasons why I shouldn’t, needn’t, couldn’t write, but tonight something shifted….

Clearing the Cobwebs of 10 Years

Sometimes when there’s a break in my disposition and I turn from crying a few times every hour to have supreme bursts of energy, I worry. You see with Bipolar Disorder, being too happy is often a sign of hypomania which could turn into full blown mania. The tricky thing is that there is such…

Thoughts Collecting Dust

I’ve beaten myself up for not writing. I’ve thought about writing…a lot! I’ve told others I quit writing. That there’s not enough time in the world these days. The reality is, I was so scared of everything that was going on inside, I didn’t dare write. Most of you who know me in person and…

Telling My Truth

When we choose to love, really let someone in our lives, we open ourselves up for a lot of things aside from love. These are often by-products we don’t think about as we fall in love. I’ve been steeping in one such by-product:shame, for 4 months, and the shame led to fear, which led to…

What Remains

As I am surrounded by my language less and less the longer I stay in the U.S., keeping my radio dial on this CD is all I can do to stay comforted that there is some method to this madness called life.