“I want passion so strong That it makes me wanna cry I want nothing short of Butterflies Yeah butterflies I’m sorry it took me so long To figure out I’m worth it ” “Butterflies” by Rissi Palmer [I’ve spliced this song some kinda bad but it works for my purposes and I guess I figure…


For David… You lie face down chest rising in a pattern all your own on the bed we’ve shared for two nights arms in a triangle supporting your head full of curls You are a linear progression…after this triangle Body slender wrapped in the cover cloth thighs touching each other parting at the knees to…

I See Myself

I looked in the mirror and saw myself as you see me

Really saw myself

I’m In Your City

You are buried here

I can’t stop thinking about that

It’s like you are here

You are all around me


I think I didn’t do/what a proper girlfriend/would have done/I should have held/your body one more time/cradled your head in my lap/like the last night we were together/blissfully chatting

Ode to Audre

I found you while searching for books by other Black women, other immigrant women, other writing women, other queer women.  I didn’t know of you before then. Perhaps I wasn’t supposed to know because I wasn’t ready. back then, I was scared of queerness, skittish about writing, deathly afraid of Blackness, ashamed of claiming my…

The Funk Has Rolled In

I calm down and forget to chase the processing/I settle for sitting beside her hand-in-hand/knowing this is not easy for either of us/I reach to hug her with the other hand/knowing the weight of my illness/is on her heart/knowing she herself is seeking support for her own demons/seeking support from a sinking ship