I write you out of my head

Sometimes I wake up thinking of you/brings gut-wrenching pain/then irritation/

that you are still/on my mind

It’s been five months/since we parted company/these days I try to forget/my summer happened/

that you and I tried to build a home/based on our ideologies about radical love

When I shrug you off/I remember/we had plans for you/to come to Ghana/at Christmas/plans for us to evaluate/

at the halfway mark/to see how grad school was treating you/us

I shake out of my head/your innocent pleas/to have a baby/shake out our childish abandon/which made us promise/

to return to the motherland/to build and sustain/a commune of like-minded women

I want to scream/when I wake up/thinking of you/I want to ask why/you had to go and ruin it/why you couldn’t/rise to the challenge

When I wake with you on my mind/still nursing the hurt/9 months/after meeting you/I write you/out of my head/instead of calling to cause you pain


4 Comments Add yours

  1. This is so poignant, KK

  2. Marian says:

    Wow, not knowing what to say, but just wanting to thank you for letting me into your head and heart.

    1. ewurabasempe says:

      Mama Marian,
      Thanks for reading. As always, I love you lots.

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