OMG! Your Hair Is So Cute!

“Your hair is so cute!” she squeals.

I tense up.

“I like your hair! How did they do it? I mean is it like just twisted?”

I nod as I slowly close my book and raise my head to meet her face.

I already knew she was white. I had spied her when I sat down.

I really have no patience for white people gushing about my hair. Especially not this morning.

I had stared in the mirror long and hard for almost twenty minutes before I left home debating what to do next once my two-month-old twists came out.

Not today! I think to myself.

When I finally face her, I muster a “Why thank you kindly smile” but I guess it doesn’t contain the enthusiasm she expected. Perhaps my irritation shows through the forced smile.

“Yes, it’s just twisted.” I reply in answer to her earlier barrage of questions.

“I wish I could have that done to my hair! She squeals again, this time a considerable octave lower.

I don’t suggest that there are several places where she could get it done. Nor do I mention how expensive it is. Nor do I even entertain the thought of volunteering to give her a closer look or let her touch it.

I just sit and try and hold the smile.

I think she’s confused now because she sighs and says, “it’s just really cute…that’s all.”

“Thank you.” I say again wondering what else she would like to hear from me.

My lack of enthusiasm about her compliment has bothered her. It’s obvious she feels rebuffed.

I can’t help her. I’m just exhausted being a doll to be admired or oogled. Really. For a moment as we both board the train I wonder what would happen if we, Black people, began oogling and gushing about white women’s hair and wanting to touch it. Sort of like cat-calling men back on the street. Would it create the desired effect?

Sometimes though I think, why is it such a big deal that she is admiring my hair. Maybe it’s coming from a place of genuine appreciation. I admire my sistas afros and locs sometimes. Do they feel the same way about me doing it as they would if it were coming from a white woman?

Then I remember the baggage. The history that is forever etched on our very DNA. That’s right. That’s why I bristle when they squeal.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. I love your honesty. You write very well. Try to smile more, you deserve it.

  2. girlgriot says:

    Yes, yes, and more yes. In all ways yes.

  3. sonsiris says:

    there is much to be said on this topic. people get really confused about my hair because it can be multiple things. most recently i was asked if “it was real.” i was confused because i had no idea what the person was talking about. then she said “your hair.” i managed to replied with a yes. but i have no idea why she thought it wasnt. my hair wasnt even done. just pulled back into a pony tail. over the years i have gotten many remarks asking if i has relaxed it of if i have had a bought a piece for it. its crazy. often times, like you, i dont want to really talked about it but they (usually whites) do end up confused that i am not jumping up and down that they are so interested in my hair. i think if it were reversed, many would like that kind of attention paid to them.

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